What is Salesforce Sales Cloud & Sales cloud Editions

Sales Cloud and Different Sales Cloud Editions.

In the last Salesforce tutorial, we have learned about different Salesforce products. In this Sfdc tutorial we are going to learn about Salesforce Sales cloud and Different editions that are available in sales cloud.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud ?

Salesforce Sales cloud product is designed by salesforce.com to automate sales process in organization. The features  in this Sales cloud enables us to boost our organization sales and also it  provides many business solutions .

Salesforce sales cloud Features.

salesforce Sales cloud  provides the following features. Some of them are

  1. Campaign.
  2. Lead.
  3. Account.
  4. Contact.
  5. Opportunity.
  6. Product.
  8. Chatter.
  9. Reports and Dashboards.

Advantages of Salesforce sales cloud.

  1. Lead management and contact management business solutions can be provided.
  2. In Sales cloud we can maintain Sales pipeline  and  quotes.
  3. Sales cloud is user friendly and can adopted easily in organization.
  4. Using Workflow rules and approvals we can automate our business process..
  5. Through reports and dashboards we can sales data in the form of graphical representation.

salesforce sales cloud editions

Salesforce Sales Cloud Editions.

We have clear idea about Sales cloud now we discuss about different Salesforce Sales cloud Editions.

  • Contact Manager Edition.
  • Group Edition.
  • Professional Edition.
  • Enterprise Edition.
  • Performance Edition.
Contact Manager Group Professional Enterprise Performance
Accounts, contacts Accounts, contacts Accounts, contacts Accounts, contacts It contains all features

of enterprise

edition and

Tasks and Event. Taks, Events, Chatter Taks, Events,Chatter Taks, Events, Chatter
Outlook, Gmail Mobile Access Mobile Access Mobile Access
Mobile access Gmail, Outlook Gmail, Outlook Gmail, Outlook
Chatter Opportunity tracking Opportunitytracking Opportunitytracking service cloud knowledge,web chat
Content library Lead Scoring, routing Lead Scoring,routing Lead Scoring,routing sales cloud console,work.com performs multiple sandboxes.
Email Templates etc. Mass Email, dashboards,Email templates etc. Mass Email,dashboards,Email templates

workflows, approvals,

web services api,

profiles and page layouts, custom app development

Salesforce identity.


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