What is Sales Force Automation

What is Sales Force Automation ?

Sales force Automation is the processes of  utilizing computer Hardware and Salesforce CRM software to provide automatic collection of Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and so on.

Sales Force Automation involves utilization of Information Technology application to support salespeople and different sales functions. Salesforce Automation Software helps to track companies sales.Through Sales Force Automation we can control different phases which are required in the sales process within a Customer Relationship Management. When Sales Force Automation is activated in different phases we can minimize  the time spent by sales representatives in each phase.

Sales Force Automation Eco-System

Sales force Automation Eco-system consists of three systems they are.

  • Software Vendors.
  • Hardware and Infrastructure vendors.
  • Service Providers.
salesforce automation

What is Sales Force Automation

 Sales Force Automation Software must run on any hardware systems like Unix, Intel based computers.

Advantages of Sales Force Automation

  1. It improves the quality.
  2. It reduces the sales representatives time spend on each phase.
  3. It is used to track and record each stage in sales process for new and existing customers.
  4. We can create views like standard views and customized views.
  5. It helps in providing accurate reporting.
  6. Increase sales revenue.
  7. Higher win rates.
  8. Better quality management reports.
  9. More closing Opportunities.
  10. It helps to increase Customer relations.

Sales Force Automation can be performed with Sales application in Salesforce.com. In Sales application we can find different tabs like accounts, Opportunities, Contacts, Campaigns, Leads and so on.

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In sales force automation Accounts can be managed by using Accounts tab. Accounts can be sorted by using standard views and customized views. Activities of those accounts can also be manged.

In our next Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about salesforce Automation with an example.

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