Why visualforce tags are used ?

Visualforce tags are used to build high quality applications by developers. Visualforce consists of a series of XML markup tags. These tags are also called as components. Like Visualforce there are many other development language like JSP, ASP.NET will also have tags which serves as a container to the strucutre data returned by the controller. And class is written in Apex. Visualforce tags are easy to remember when compared with .net. Based on the actions Visualforce Tags are divided into different types.

visualforce tags

Visualforce tags can be divided to different types. They are

  • Input tags.
  • Output tags.
  • Select tags.
  • Form tags.
  • page tags.
  • action tags.
  • Style tags.
  • other.
  Input tags                  Output Tags       Select Tags              
<apex:inputcheckbox> <apex:output Field> <apex:selectioncheckbox>
<apex:inputField> <apex:output label> <apex:selection list>
<apex:input File> <apex:output link> <apex:selectoption>
<apex:inputHidden> <apex:output panel> <apex:select Radio>
<apex:inputsecret> <apex:input text> <apex:variable>
 <apex:input text>   <apex:vote>

Visualforce Input Field Tags

<apex:inputcheckbox> <apex:inputField> <apex:inputsecret>
<apex:input File> <apex:inputHidden> <apex:input text area>.
<apex:input text>

Visualforce  Output field Tags.

<apex:output label> <apex:output link> <apex:output panel>
<apex:output text>

Select Tags.

<apex:selectioncheckbox> <apex:selection list> <apex:selectoption>
<apex:select Radio> <apex:variable> <apex:vote>

Visualforce  Action component tags.

<apex:commandbutton> <apex:commandline> <apex:actionpoller>
<apex:actionSupport> <apex:actionfunction> <apex:actionRegion>

Visualforce Page tags

<apex:page> <apex:pageBlock> <apex:pageBlockButtons>
<apex:pageMessage> <apex:pageBlocktable> <apex:pageBlockSectionItem>

Other Visualforce tags.

<apex:column> <apex:form> <apex:tabpanel>
<apex:tab> <apex:toolbar> <apex:toolbarGroup>
<apex:Messages> <apex:panelBar> <apex:panelbarItem>
<apex:panelGrid> <apex:panelGroup> <apex:detail>
<apex:param <apex:repeat> <apex:facet>

Like these Visualforce components list there are nearly 90 tags are available for Visualforce pages. Each and every Visualforce tag will be described in our next salesforce Training Tutorials. Generally Visualforce page consists of two elements. They are

  • Visualforce markup.
  • Visualforce Controller.

Visualforce markup :- In visualforce markup we write all tags, java script, HTML between <apex:page> and </apex:page>.

Visualforce Controller :- Visualforce Controller consists of set of instruction. Here it contains Getter() method.

List of Visualforce Tags with real examples.

Apex:form Apex:pageblock Apex:pageblockSection
Apex:CommandButton Apex:Commandlink Apex:Outputlink
Apex:inputfield Apex:inputFile Apex:inputHidden
Apex:inputSecret Apex:inputtextarea Apex:inputCheckbox
Apex:OutputField Apex:OutputLabel Apex:Outputlink
Apex:OutputText Apex:Column Apex:PageBlocksectionItem
Apex:Datatable Apex:Tabpanel Apex:Toolbar
Apex:PageMessage Apex:panelGroup Apex:Param
Apex:Repeat Apex:Facet Apex:Actionfunction
Apex:Detail Apex:ActionPoller Apex:actionRegion
Apex:pageblocktable Message Class