Visualforce Apex:Page tag

Visualforce Apex:Page tag

Visualforce Page Apex:Page : In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about different Visualforce tags. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Visualforce tag called <apex:page>.

<apex:page> :- <apex:page> is the basic tag used in visualforce page. Every Visualforce page must start with this <apex:page> tag and should end with </apex:page> tag. This tag is used only once in visualforce page.

Different attributes that support <apex:page> tag.

 Action      apiVersion            Cache          ContentType  
docType expirer extensions id
language name readOnly RecordSetName
RecordSetVar renderAs rendered setup          
Sidebar StandardController title wizard
tabStyle StandardStylesheets controller Label
Label ShowChat ShowHeader

Let us See how <apex:page> tag works

 Create visualforce page as shown below.Visualforce Page Apex:Page

Create a new visualforce page.

Visualforce Page Apex:Page

Every visualforce page must be started with <apex:page> tag and should end with </apex:page>. Every code must be written between these two tags. We have give H1 heading for welcome to crm salesforce training. Comments must be written between <!..> braces.