How to use apex:checkbox tag

apex:checkbox tag

apex:checkbox tag :-In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about <apex:inputfile>tag. In this salesforce training tutorial we are going to learn about apex:checkbox tag and how this tag works when used in visualforce page.

<apex:checkbox> :- apex:checkbox tag is used to set security for required object fields in Checking box is an HTML input to update field values in salesforce.

Ex:- <apex:inputCheckbox value=”{!o.isprivate}”>

Different  attributes supported by apex:checkbox.

Accesskey   dir disables id
immediate label lang onblur
onchange onclick ondbclick onfocus
onfocus onkeydown onkeypress onkeyup
onmousedown onmousemove onmouseover onselect
rendered required selected style
styleclass tabindex title value

Let us see how apex:checkbox works in visualforce page.

Create a new visualforce page.

How to use apex:checkbox tag

Click on Create page apexcheckbox link as shown below.

How to use apex:checkbox tag

Now check the code below.

How to use apex:checkbox tag

In this salesforce developer training tutorial we are creating pageblock table for standard object opportunity. In that table we are creating three columns called name, account name and checkbox for third column called “Private”. In opportunity object we have field name called “isprivate” and whose data type is “Checkbox”.

Output for apex:checkbox tag.

How to use apex:checkbox tag

we can mark checkboxes for the required opportunities and Save them.