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Customization in the cloud using Force.com

Customization in the cloud using force.com

With Force.com developers can customize declaratively or programmatically. Customization in the cloud can be done in two ways they are.

  1. Declarative Customization.
  2. Programmatic customization.

Declarative Customization.

  • Declarative Customization can be made point and click in the browser.
  • Declarative Customization require an understanding of Force.com concepts, without coding knowledge.
  • Declarative Customization = Simplicity + Speed.

Programmatic Customization.

  • Programmatic Customization’s are made  with code.
  • Programmatic Customization’s require coding skills and allow developers to extend beyond the declarative Salesforce.com Capabilities.
  • Programmatic Customization = Control + Flexibility.

Application building blocks in Salesforce.com.

In Salesforce.com customization can be done through Declarative Customization and Programmatic customization. There are three steps in Application building they are

  1. User Interface.
  2. Business Logic and.
  3. Data Models.

Customization in the cloud

Difference between Declarative and Programmatic Customization in Salesforce.com.

Declarative Customization  Programmatic Customization
  • Easy of development.
  • More Visual.
 Can extend the capabilities of an standard


Does not require Programmatic Skills
It is Fast.
Easy of upgrades.
Easy of Maintenance