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Cloud Services : In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Cloud based CRM Systems. In this salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Cloud Services, What are different cloud services, Advantages of cloud, Evolution of cloud services and Cloud service applications platform(ISP 5.0).

Introduction to Cloud Services.

As an introduction to cloud services, let us discuss a situation that is typical in recent middle and large enterprises. Assume if a company need to deploy any application immediately with in three months. To deploy an application the company must have infrastructure, platform and software and also must have sufficient budget must be allocated for the deployment of the application. Delivering the application at right time in the market is valuable.

Now the IT hosting department in company analyses the situation regarding software, infrastructure and employees. For IT hosting department nearly two months will be taken for ordering hardware and for preparing operating system. Now development team goes for development and testing process. All these process and the application released to the market after six months. Now it’s not the time for the application because already same type of application has been released by Competitor.

There are different applications during this application deployment are running redundantly across the enterprise and costing the enterprise millions of dollar’s in resources and maintaining costs. Now CEO and the CTO decided to build all the applications that are redundantly running through out the process as a Application hosting infrastructure, thus reducing overall costing and resources.

Through cloud computing we can eliminate the need of Application hosting, hardware and software. All these are provided by cloud service providers by maintaining Data centers.

Definition for cloud Service.

Cloud Service is an end-to-end service deployed to the cloud platform which contain one or more applications.

What is Cloud Service platform ?

Cloud service platform is a service offered by cloud service providers for developing cloud applications. Cloud Service platform examples: Windows Azure platform provided by Microsoft, EC2 provided by Amazon.

Evolution of Cloud Services.

Evolution of Cloud Service

We can mention Evolution of ISP in to Cloud Service in 5 era’s. They are

  • ISP 1.0 Era :
  • ISP 2.0 Era.
  • ISP 3.0 Era.
  • ISP 4.0 Era.
  • ISP 5.0 Era.

ISP 1.0 Era : In this era many dominated companies like AOL, NetZero, Comcast and Time Warner focused on building internet networks for customers and businesses.

ISP 2.0 Era : In this Era they focused on accessing servers. Customers and business people hosted their websites with limited capabilities.

ISP 3.0 Era : This era brought the collocation concept in to the ISP equation. Now the business could host their own servers with the ISP.

ISP 4.0 Era : In this era Economic network services and infrastructure has been achieved.Application Service Providers (ASP) built scalable business software services and data centers for Enterprises.

ISP 5.0 Era : In this Era ISP infrastructure will mature into scalable on demand platform called “cloud” . This cloud can be used for building and hosted business applications.

In our next CRM Software Training we are going to learn about cloud Services Application platform.