Standard and Custom Objects Basics : In this tutorial we are going to know Standard and Custom Objects Basics in . Objects are used in to store data in sales force. Objects consists of set of fields and we store data against that field. To view data Salesforce provided  TABS.

Objects are of two types.

  • Standard Objects.
  • Custom Objects

Standard Objects : Standard Objects are those which are created by Salesforce.

Custom Objects : Custom objects are those which are created by user.

In this Standard objects and Custom objects basic tutorial we are going to know about the topics given below. So that we learn completely about objects.

  1.  Data types  &  field types in sfdc.
  2. System Fields.
  3. Required Fields.
  4. Frequently occurring Fields.
  5. API Field Properties.
  6. Relationships among Objects.
  7. Custom Objects.
  • Naming conventions for Custom Objects.
  • Relationships in Custom Objects.
  • Audit fields for Custom Objects.
  • Sharing and Custom Objects.
  • Required Fields in Custom Objects.
  • Managed Packages and API Names.