What is Share Point |Microsoft Share Point Basic Concepts

What is Share Point :In our Previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Microsoft Dynamics CRM . In this salesforce training tutorials we are going o learn about What is Share Point, Microsoft Share point Basics like features and architecture of SharePoint. Through this article everyone is able to know what a SharePoint offers to developers.

What is Share Point ?

According to Microsoft Share Point is define as a business collaboration platform that makes it easier for people to work together.

Share Point is a platform with a rich set of tools, classes, libraries, controls and frameworks for developing business solutions. By using Share Point we can develop Business solutions like Websites, Social Media Networking, content searches and many more. By Developing websites we can publish over internet.

Share Point is a superset of ASP.NET. By using SharePoint we can share many applications and content between the users and customers. Share Point is basically a container for content and apps. Content in SharePoint is organized in lists, and each list is made up of items.

Share Point Lists.

SharePoint Content is organized in the form of List and each List is made up of items. SharePoint list can contains simple items and also be libraries of documents. Lists in SharePoint contains a metadata properties called “fields”.

Advantages of Share Point.

SharePoint advantages can be divided in to five categories they are.

  1. Share.
  2. Organize.
  3. Discover.
  4. Build.
  5. Manage.
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What is Share Point


By Using SharePoint we can store and share the data like contacts, tasks, meeting events and many more data. When sharing a data using SharePoint, the shares data can be made to put on colleagues, customers, partners and general mobile contacts Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and so on.


SharePoint syncs all your data and colleges data to desktop. When a system is connected with internet automatically offline files can be synchronized wither their online counter parts.


SharePoint itself acts as a search engine. We can track all the data which is stored in SharePoint. Retrieving and Discovering the data can be done. To discover data Microsoft Excel, Excel Services, Power View and PowerPivot tools can be used in SharePoint.


New applications can be build for Office 2013 and SharePoint by using Cloud. Applications can be build by using JavaScript, HTML, OAuth protocols.


SharePoint provide mature, maintainable and manageable environment to mange data and applications. To manage data Microsoft 365 and cloud storage services are required.

SharePoint Central Administration(SPCA)

When a SharePoint Server is downloaded and installed we get Administrative console page called SharePoint Central Administration(SPCA). SPCA is a website on SharePoint Server. SPCA is used to manage, administer and monitor SharePoint server.

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Share Point Central Administration

Application Management : New applications can be created and Web Applications can be managed .

Monitoring : Here list of tools available for checking issues and solving problems.

Security : Administrative accounts are managed here.

General application Settings : Site directory, Search engine settings, content deployment, form services can be managed here.

System Settings : Servers can be manages here.

Backup and restore : Here we can take Backup and restore the data.

Upgrade and Migration : Upgrading and Patching tasks are done here.

Apps : we can manage installed applications and apps licences.

Configuration wizard : SharePoint farm can be configured from scratch using Configuration wizard.

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