Salesforce is among one of the best web based flexible and powerful database provider available in the market. More than 170,000 companies have discovered the result of Salesforce online database providers.

Now a days everything is online, so it is difficult for companies to spend millions on storage problems so they simply bought a huge space for them on the cloud storage provided by Salesforce. Salesforce is known best for its CRM. Salesforce is a global cloud computing company situated in United States of America.

Salesforce is currently ranked amongst 100 best companies of the world.It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the S&P 500 index.

Salesforce is one of the best customer relationship management (CRM) tool, it provided services to company and keep their clients satisfied with the particular company. Salesforce help other companies to keep their sales and client information up to date, start campaign for different companies and deal with their customers, sales and business deals. Salesforce connect clients to different companies that’s why so many companies has shown their trust on Salesforce in a very good way and given it a five star rating among other CRM providers.

Salesforce also offer App Exchange which provide a platform for custom application building and sharing and Salesforce also conduct consulting, deployment and training session throughout the year.

Salesforce Clients

How Salesforce help their clients?

The answer to this question is so simple, usually the companies linked with Salesforce are huge companies sometime small too, needed track for their marketing efforts. Salesforce provide them services like making a campaign. Campaign helps companies in their business conferences, seminars or parties. They can easily checkup who attended the seminar or who not. Some big companies CEO’s when asked the question how Salesforce help their marketing effort, the answer from all of them was same. They said campaign at Salesforce are a good way of getting track of your leads, clients and know how yours marketing efforts are going.

Marketing efforts help to generate more leads, once leads are generated for particular campaign of a company, Salesforce simply connect them to the particular company and it this way the company client’s roses and this is the main reason why companies trust Salesforce.

Salesforce History

Sales force was founded in 1999 by formal oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellen Hoff, and Frank Dominguez. In the starting years Salesforce was providing specializing in software as a service (SaaS). But after 5 years the company was out for public after they raised US$110 million in the New York Stock Exchange. In the beginning the number of investors are very few in number because at that time so many people were unaware of cloud computing some of the investor in beginning who show interest in Salesforce were

  • Larry Ellison
  • Halsey Minor
  • Stewart Henderson
  • Mark Iscaro
  • Igor Sill
  • Nancy Pelosi

As the time passes the number of investor’s roses and then a time came when the investor’s wants to invest but there were few rooms available at Salesforce.

For the trademark “Social Enterprise” Salesforce applied in 2012 in United States, Europe and West indies but in the same year they were force not the use the trademark in their future services by Social Enterprises UK.

Salesforce was added to the New York stock exchange after the federal takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Inc. in the year 2008.


Salesforce Headquarter is in San Francisco USA having regional headquarters in Morges, Switzerland, India and Tokyo. Major offices are in New York, London, Sydney, Dublin, Hyderabad, San Mateo and California.

What is Salesforce Infrastructure?

Salesforce with the help of AMD Processor migrated to Dell on Linux from Sun Fire E25k in 2008. Later in the year 2012 Salesforce announces to build a datacenter in United Kingdom for Europeans customer’s data.

Later in the next year 2013 Salesforce signed a 9 year agreement with Oracle CEO in which Salesforce will use Oracle Linux, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Database and the Java platform in their future services.


At Salesforce there are a lot of things for individuals, teams and companies to do. Salesforce allow its users to configure their own CRM application and for that the customer service is available 24/7 for solution of problems user’s faces. Users can add up his/her contact information at the time of setting up his/her own CRM application. The platform Salesforce provide is so simple that anybody can understand everything with a flesh without getting help from Customer Service Portal.

If you are facing some troubles configuring your CRM, simply open up the Customer Service and send them your problem, Customer Service will reply you immediately with the solution to your problem.

What is Salesforce Social Platform is the official Salesforce social platform. At Salesforce provided some awesome service for their customer like solution for their sales performance, customer service to those who are facing some troubles or have some questions in their minds, and employed service for small/big organizations. On the contributors, individuals and team work on their custom social projects and share information with each other anonymously. Salesforce guarantee them for the safety of their data.


Salesforce is now a days among the best cloud computing service providers all over the globe. Their customers never complain regarding their services. The make their customers satisfied with their provided services. They have strong links with major companies like Dell, Intel, and Oracle. A lot of companies show that they have strengthened by getting in touch with Salesforce. Salesforce provide infinite services to companies, groups, teams and individuals. They have their own anonymous social performance service platform, where millions of users perform their tasks every day.

Salesforce is best known for its advanced CRM system. Industries, companies, marketers, individuals everyone can easily promote, sell, market and service their products in a advanced way through socializing, cloud computing and mobile technology. Salesforce is the world leading cloud computing system now a days and will be on top in the future.