Salesforce tutorials for beginners, it is  very important to understand the concepts, terminology used  and about different technology components that used in Before jumping in to interface we should get knowledge on salesforce basics. Through this Salesforce tutorials for beginners we are going to make some tasks and customization in salesforce interface.Salesforce Tutorials for Beginners- Salesforce Basics

Every Salesforce beginner must understand their duties for better and effective salesforce administration. This Salesforce tutorials for Beginners will cover on cloud computing concepts like  what is cloud computing, what are the different cloud computing services.What is salesforce, how can we create salesforce developer account, what are the different components in salesforce, different data types , different field types in salesforce, how to create custom objects in salesforce, how to create custom fields in salesforce, how to create custom tabs in salesforce, creating custom views in

Refer below Salesforce Tutorials topic wise that explains step by step configurations with real time scenario.

Salesforce Tutorials for Beginners- Salesforce Basics.

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  1. What is Cloud Computing ?
  2. Characteristics of Cloud Computing ?
  3. What are the different types of Clouds  ?
  4. Cloud Computing Services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) ?
  5. IaaS Cloud Service Providers ?
  6. PaaS Cloud Service Providers ?
  7. SaaS Cloud Service Providers ?

Introduction to

  1. What is Salesforce ?
  2. Database | Standard Field Types in
  3. Types of Organizations in
  4. What is a Case in Salesforce?
  5. What is Product, Price Book and Quotes in Salesforce?
  6. What is a Lead in Salesforce?
  7. What is an Opportunity in Salesforce?
  8. What is a Contact in Salesforce?
  9. What are Campaigns in Salesforce?
  10. What is Salesforce to Salesforce?
  11. What is Partner Portal in Salesforce?
  12. What is Customer Portal in Salesforce?
  13. What is Salesforce Knowledge?
  14. Editions and Pricing.
  15. Network Based Security in
  16. Creation of Salesforce developer Account.
  17. Components of Salesforce.
  18. Different types of Data Types and field types
  19. How to create custom objects.
  20. How to create custom fields.
  21. How to create custom Tabs.
  22. How to create Custom views.

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