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Salesforce login, login.salesforce.com | Sfdc login

Salesforce login, login.salesforce.com

Salesforce login, login.salesforce.com :- Before discussing the basics of salesforce.com every one should be able to create an account in salesforce.com so that he/she can use the resources provided in salesforce.com. How to Grant Login Access to a Salesforce Success Agent, Why can’t I log in to Data Loader? – Salesforce, Log In for the First Time in to Salesforce.com, How to set login hour restriction in salesforce, How to set IP address restrictions in salesforce. Now we go briefly what are the methods available to login in to salesforce.com and before logging in to salesforce we have to create a free developer account in salesforce.com.

What is salesforce login

Salesforce login is the process of authenticating Salesforce.com resources provided in the cloud through Developer account and production account using Username and password. 

Salesforce user can login in to salesforce.com to access different Salesforce CRM applications in several ways like using a browser, using an integrated client application, apex data loader or by salesforce desktop client called salesforce for outlook.

How to Grant Login Access to a Salesforce Success Agent?

Grant login Access in salesforce.com provides a way to login in to  customers and users account using our login credentials for a specific time period by an administrator. Salesforce user login restriction and authorisation can be made to check whether user’ profile have any login restriction or does the user’s profile have any profile IP ranges in an organization.

We can grant login access for the following time periods.

  • 1 day.
  • 3 days.
  • 1 week.
  • 1 month.
  • 207 days.
  • 1 year.

How to grant login access to users ?

To provide grant login access go to your name=>My settings.

support to enable to login

Click on my settings.

support to enable to login0

Go to Personal=>Grant Account Login Access.

support to enable to login1

We can provide grant access to your company administrator and Salesforce.com support. Click on  change button and select required number of days to provide access. Finally select SAVE button.

Now go to setup=>Administer=>Mange Users=>Users.

support to enable to login2

Click on Users.

support to enable to login3

From above screenshot observe there is a login Button when we click on login we are able to login in to Developer user account with our own login credentials.

Why can’t I log in to Data Loader – Salesforce ?

If a Salesforce.com user getting Error logging in to salesforce using Data Loader like Please Check your username and password then user must add their Security Token to the end their Salesforce login password and must change their Server host of the apex data loader. After adding Security Token at the end of the password user must change their Server host which points to appropriate server in Data loader. Follow the steps given below to change your Server Host settings.

  1. Open Data Loader and Click on Settings.
  2. Now Set your Server Host to https://instance_name.salesforce.com.
  3. Now click on Save button to save all your settings.
  4. If your are still unable to login to Data Loader try to login in on another computer. Here instance_name is the salesforce instance that we are on.

Salesforce log in for the fist Time.

If you are the new User, who tries to log in to salesforce.com for the first time follow the steps given below. In this Salesforce training tutorial we learn about how to create developer account in salesforce.com. Then we discuss about how to set login hour restrictions in salesforce.com and finally we learn about restricting some IP address in salesforce.

  1. Log in to salesforce.com through login.salesforce.com using a browser.
  2. How to set login hour restriction in salesforce.
  3. How to set IP address restrictions in salesforce.

How to create free developer account in salesforce.com

Every salesforce user will login in to salesforce.com through their account. We can create free developer account for salesforce login. Salesforce.com free developer account will be created through the URL http://developer.force.com.

Steps to create free developer account in salesforce.com (Salesforce login).

  1. First you have a valid email Id.
  2. Login to http://developer.force.com.
  3. Select Join Now.
  4. Provide all the details specially valid email and username . Username must be in the form of a valid email format. Ex : ABC@gmail.com.
  5. Now click Sign me up.
  6. An email will b sent to you Email address.
  7. Now activate your account by clicking the link provided in the email.
  8. The link logs you into the site automatically.
  9. Now set your password to your account.
  10. Log out from your account.

After creating developer account go to login.salesforce.com. Use your Username and password credentials for salesforce.com login.

salesforce login URL : login.salesforce.com

  • Enter your User name and Password to login .
  • Click on Submit button.
  • Now a new window will be opened where are taken to salesforce.com home page.

salesforce login

After creating free developer account we receive an email which includes username, password and link to salesforce organisation site. Here’s how to log in for the first time into salesforce.com.

  1. New User must check their email which contains details about Salesforce login.
  2. Now click on Salesforce login link which automatically logs us in to the salesforce automatically.

How to set login hour restriction in salesforce

Salesforce user login restriction and authorisation can be made to check whether user’ profile have any login restriction or does the user’s profile have any profile IP ranges in an organization.

Follow the steps given below.

Salesforce Login hours are set in an organization to restrict the user’s who tries to salesforce login before or after login hours.

To set Salesforce.com login hours in an organization go to Setup=>Administration=>Manage users=>Profiles.

salesforce login

Salesforce login

Select your profile to set login hours and edit it

Salesforce login

Salesforce login

Select Edit Button.

Salesforce login

Salesforce login

Now go to login hours and select Edit button.

salesforce login

Salesforce login

Enter Start time and End time login time hours and Finally save the Settings.

 How to set IP address restrictions in salesforce.

IP ranges are used to restrict any login attempt is done from unknown IP addresses. Usually organizations maintain login IP ranges.

To set Login IP ranges in salesforce go to Setup=>Administration Setup=>Manage Users=> Profiles.

salesforce login

Now select the profile to which you want to set IP address ranges.

salesforce login

Salesforce login

After selecting edit button go to Login IP Ranges section.

salesforce login4

login IP Ranges

Select New Button to add new  Login IP Ranges .

salesforce login

Setting login IP ranges

  • Enter start IP address and End IP Address as shown above and Finally click on Save. 

Successfully we have learned about salesforce login. In our upcoming Salesforce tutorials we learn about salesforce login history, salesforce login api, salesforce developer login, salesforce login test, salesforce login history report, salesforce login to sandbox.

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