Salesforce login History | Download Salesforce Login History

Salesforce login History

Salesforce login history: – In this salesforce tutorial we are going to learn about how to get salesforce login history, how to download salesforce user login history in CSV format. In our previous Salesforce Administration Tutorial we have learned about different email settings in

Every we login in to our account, each time we login in to our login time, IP source , Login types, status, application like browser used to login, Login URL details will be recorded  in

If we use to enter in to then that specific URL will be recorded. Every instance that we make in interface is recorded ad can be viewed. We get every details about previous salesforce login history details, salesforce fail login history due to wrong password, password changed history, browser used, login type details will be recorded. If we failed to salesforce login due to invalid password then the status of the salesforce login history will be recorded with Invalid password. Which type of browser is used for salesforce login will be recorded. Login types will be different like application, Remote access Client, Apex API and so on.

 Download your Salesforce login History now.

Go to your name=> My settings.

Download Sfdc Login History

Now go to personal=>Login History. 

login history

Click on Login History tab as shown above. Now we are redirected to new page Salesforce Login History page. In salesforce login history page we can find last login date and our last password change date.

Download Salesforce Login History

To download your salesforce login history click on download login history for last six months, including logins form outside the website  link as shown above in Microsoft excel format.

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