Salesforce live agent configurations – live agent customization

Salesforce live agent configurations – live agent customization: Salesforce live agent configurations is nothing but configuring different settings for internal organization employees. Every thing inside organization service control is maintained and controlled here. So Salesforce live agent configurations are very important and must be taken care while making configuration settings.

How Salesforce live agent configurations helps ?

Salesforce live agent configurations decides the working of the chat console. When a customer request a question in chat then the notification will be sent to the agent. So that the agent can supervise the customer by providing solutions.

How to set up Salesforce live agent configurations ?

Configuring different settings in salesforce live agent follow the steps shown below.

  • Go to Setup=>Build=>Customize=>Live agent=>Live agent configurations.

Salesforce live agent configurations

Select live agent configurations links to customize live agent in salesforce.

  • Select new button.

Salesforce live agent settings

Here we have three settings that are to be customized they are.

  1. User configuration settings.
  2. Assign users and profiles.
  3. Supervisor settings.

User configuration settings.

In user configuration settings we have to enter different basic information settings.

  • Enter live agent configuration name and developer name.
  • Enter chat capacity.
  • Enable sneak peak  : It helps to view customers message before agent send message to customers.
  • Enable request sound enabled.
  • Enter agent name.
  • Enter greeting message.

Salesforce live agent configurations

Assign users and profiles.

  • Select user and assign then from available users to selected users.
  • Now assign profiles.

Salesforce live agent configurations

Supervisor Settings.

  • Enable chat monitoring this makes supervisors chat observe agent chat.
  • Enable whisper message. This send supervisor a private message to agent during chat with customers.
  • Enable agent sneak peak.

Salesforce live agent configurations

Enable chat transfer settings as shown below.

Salesforce live agent configurations

Finally save all the settings.

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