Salesforce Licences | Salesforce License Types

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Salesforce Licences :- In our previous Salesforce Training Tutorial we have learned about different fields available in company information. In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Different Salesforce licences types and list of Salesforce Licences.

What are Salesforce Licences ?

Generally  we know that ” A licence will grant (or) provide some special permissions for the user to access features of a product “. Like wise provides some set of licenes in different types that to be used by user.

Salesforce Licences | Salesforce License Types

Salesforce Licences | Salesforce License Types

Different Salesforce Licences.

Salesforce licences can be divided into three Salesforce licenses types. They are

  • User Licences.
  • Feature Licences.
  • Permission Set Licences.

User Salesforce Licences.

Salesforce User Licence is one of the Salesforce licence type which can be used to access different salesforce baseline features. Again Salesforce user licences can be divided into 10 Salesforce licences types. They are

  • Standard User Licences.
  • Chatter User Licences.
  • Communities User Licences.
  • Service Cloud portal User Licences.
  • Sites and User Licences.
  • Authenticated Website User Licences.
  • Customer Portal User Licences.
  • Customer Portal Enterprise Administration User Licences.
  • Partner Portal USer Licences.
  • Authenticated Website User Licences.

Feature Salesforce Licences.

In, Feature Licence provides some additional features to user. We can assign any number of licences to a user in Feature licences provides some additional features like marketing, etc.

Permission Set Salesforce Licences.

In, permission Set licences are available depending up on the edition that we use. Through permission set licences we assign different permissions through permission set. Some of the action that can be done using permission set licences are.

  1. We can check for number of permission set licences available in
  2. We can assign this Salesforce licence to a user.
  3. We can also remove this type of salesforce licence to a user.