PaaS- Platform as a Service | What is PaaS

PaaS – What is PaaS Cloud ?

Full form for PaaS is “Platform as a Service”. Here in PaaS, the cloud service providers provides hardware, OS(operating System), Storage, Network services over the cloud.It is the way like a rent service where we have to pay to service providers on subscription. If there is no service like “Platform as a Service” every organization must arrange their own hardware, storage, network services, operating system which makes them huge cost. So using Platform as a Service applications are build on a Platform.paas- platform as a service

The main aim of the Platform as a service cloud is to provide environment for developing various applications. All tools that are required for development are provided by PaaS Service provides only.

PaaS Features.

  • No need to maintain Data Bases.
  • No need of software updation.
  • Maintenance will not be required.
  • Hosting.
  • Support.
  • Network access.
  • Tools for application design and development.
  • It also provides server side scripting.

Advantages of Platform as a Service(PaaS).

  • It provides high security to our data.
  • It also provides backup to our data base.
  • PaaS provides customer choice features.
  • Using this PaaS Service every person can able to develop application with out any development skills.
  • Maintenance cost is reduced.

Platform as a Service  will have many advantages like Operating System features can changed, Upgraded frequently by the IaaS Cloud Service Provider.

Top Paas cloud providers.

  1. Amazon web Services – AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  2. Appistry – CloudQ Platform.
  3. Appscale .
  4. Ca technologies
  5. Engine Yard.
  6. Flexiscale.
  8. gCloud3.
  9. GigaSpaces.
  10. Visual WebGui.