How to develop an app on Platform

How to develop an app on platform

In this salesforce tutorial we are going to learn about how to develop an app on platform and what are the different tools we use to develop an app in platform. And also we learn about different applications that are used to analyze and check our code. To develop an app on platform we use certain tools and applications.

How to develop an app on Platform?

To develop an application by creating code in any modern language is usually done through an IDE(integrated Development Environment). IDE is a simple text editor  which offers many advantages over coding. Now let us know about some app builder tools that are helpful in app development. Some of them are

  1. Apex Classes.
  2. Apex Triggers.
  3. Components and
  4. Pages.

Every user knows that is one of the best browser-based development environment in the world. In Salesforce development we can delivers core functionalities using desktop-based IDE. To access app builder tools in Salesforce follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Setup=>Develop.

How to develop an app on Platform

How to create new Apex Class in

  • To create new Apex Class in, go to Setup=>develop=>Apex Classes.
  • Now click on new button.

Create new apex class in Salesforce

  • When we click on new button a new screen will be opened to create new new Apex Class in

How to develop an app on Platform

  • Now click on Save button.

Here Class name will be the name of the Apex Class as shown below.

How to develop an app on Platform

Apex Classes and Apex Triggers in this environment offers similar experience but there are some surprises when developing code in the pages and Visualforce Components. Before creating Visualforce page we have to enable development mode in salesforce. Development mode feature in allows user to code and view the compiled results within the same browser window.

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