platform Applications – Salesforce Tutorials platform Applications : In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Development, different applications. In our previous Salesforce Training Tutorial we have learned about platform and platform architecture.

What is platform ? platform is type of platform which is used to develop applications by developers in It is Platform as a Service (PaaS) based service provided by to store every data in the form of metadata. platform applications applications types.

In we can divide applications in to four types they are.

  • Content-centric Applications.
  • Transaction-centric Applications.
  • Process centric applications.
  • Data centric applications.

What is Content-centric network ?

Content centric Network is new network in cloud computing which is designed to address the problems of the people and enabling automatic application-neutral memory caching.

Content centric Applications

  • has applications managed storage.
  • Data can managed and protected.
  • High speed due to memory caching.
  • Low cost and complexity.
  • platforms are integrated with operational environments.
  • Independent Storage nodes.

What are transaction centric applications ?

Transaction centric applications are those which belong to banking, online payment and different transnational processes. When developing Transaction centric applications uses number of applications.

Transaction centric Applications.

  • Banking.
  • Online payments.
  • More effective when managing dynamic environments.
  • Ability to trace transactions.
  • End-to-End Visibility.

What are process centric applications ?

Process centric Applications automates business process in an organization. These applications eliminates unnecessary touch points and duplicate data entries.

Process centric applications.

  • They are used to track bugs in a system.
  • In procurement process.
  • Approval Process.
  • Fulfillment.
  • Receiving.

What are Data centric Applications?

Data centric applications are those who have powerful data bases. These applications are specially designed for storing the data in the form of spreadsheets.

Data centric applications.

  • These applications are used in CRM systems.
  • ERP systems.
  • Human resource management systems.