IDE Shortcuts | IDE Tips IDE is a professional tool used by salesforce developers for development, testing and deployment. IDE is a flexible tool which is used along with open source tool framework called Eclipse. In Salesforce development every developer is required to use eclipse IDE tool for creating, editing or modifying and deploying various applications. Using Ecllipse IDE we can write code, test code, compile the code and so on.

How to download and Install Eclipse IDE refer the following link : . IDE installation6

In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about some IDE shortcuts which will be very useful for developers. IDE Shortcut’s or IDE Tips.

CTRL+SHIFT+R It opens files form the package explorer
CTRL+H This is used to search files.
CTRL+L If we want to navigate to a certain line  this is used.
CTRL+K It is used to find next occurrence of the text.
CTRL+F6 It helps to switch new editor.
CTRL+W It closes current editor window.
CTRL+SHIFT+L  For getting context menu help this is used.
F12 It activates the editor.
ALT+F7 It opens sub tab in editor.
ALT+/ It shows variable names.
CTRL+D It deletes line.
CTRL+SPACE It is used for code assistance.

These are the few shortcuts that can be used by developer when IDE is used for developement.

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