How to enable Development mode in

How to enable Development mode in

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about How to create Sandbox in In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about How to enable development mode in

Why we have to enable Development mode in ?

When development mode in enabled in we can observe two split screens in visualforce page edit mode. Enabling development in salesforce we can develop visualforce pages in view state. For every new user to it is difficult build visualforce pages with out enabling development mode in salesforce.

Enable Development mode in

Go to your name=>My settings.

enable developer mode

Now go to Personal=>Advanced User Details.

enable developer mode0

Click on Advanced User Details as shown above.

enable developer mode2

Edit user details and select development mode check box to enable.

Check how Development mode look like ?

Go to Setup.

enable developer mode3

Now go to Build=>Develop=>Pages.

enable developer mode4

Click on pages.

Now create any sample  visualforce page to test development mode in In this salesforce training article we are testing development mode for studentpopup visualforce page.

Now we find frame divider at the bottom of the visualforce page as shown below

enable developer mode5

Click on cross symbol as shown above to edit VF page in development mode.

enable developer mode6

Now we observe visualforce code in one screen and output of the code in another screen.