Different Work.com Features and Enabling work.com Features

 Enabling work.com Features

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about an overview on work.com in salesforce.com and different activities that are to be followed  for implementing work.com. Activating work.com features in salesforce is primary and must be done before all process. So in this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Different work.com features and also we learn about how to enable features in Salesforce.

Different Work.com Features in Salesforce ?

In Work.com we 9 features that are to be enabled before assigning work.com administrator. Generally work.com licenses have three features. They are

  • Work.com Motivate.
  • Work.com Align.
  • Work.com Perform.

Work.com features avaialble for us will be different depending upon the licence type. Some of them are.

Feature Section
Enable Thanks Thanks Settings
Enable Rewards Recognition Settings
Restrict Custom Badge Creators Recognition Settings
Rename Goals and Objectives Goal Settings
Enable Calibration Calibration
Enable Skills Skill Settings
Restrict Skills and Endorsement Skill Settings
Enable suggested Skills Skill Settings
Enable Automatic Skill Feed Posts Skill Settings

How to enable Work.com Features in Salesforce ?

To enable work.com Features in Salesforce follow the steps shown below.

  • Go to Setup=>Customize=>Work.com=>Settings.

enabling work.com features in salesforce

Now click on Settings.

enabling work.com features in salesforce

Enable all the settings shown above and finally click on Save button to Save all settings.

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