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Different Salesforce Search Types  :- In our previous Salesforce Training Tutorial we have learned about Overview on Salesforce Search. In this Salesforce Admin Tutorial we are going to learn about Different Salesforce search types.

Different Salesforce Search Types.

When coming to different Salesforce Search types we have four types of searches in Salesforce.com. They are

  • Sidebar Search.
  • Advanced Search.
  • Global Search.
  •  Feed Search.

In salesforce.com when chatter is enabled both global search and Feed search are automatically enabled. Where sidebar search and Advanced searches are enabled when chatter is disabled.

Salesforce Sidebar Search :- In this Salesforce search type,search box is present on the sidebar. On the side bar we have a search box where can search for objects and  fields.

sidebar salesforce search

Advanced Search :- This type of Salesforce search is available when we click on Advanced Search which is presented on the sidebar. In advanced search we can search for objects, fields, custom fields, long fields, descriptions, tasks,and notes. To modify search results we can use wildcards, filters and operators in advanced search.

Global Search :- In this Salesforce Search types, Global search box is presented on the header of the page. Through this we can search more efficiently than advanced search and sidebar search. Global search can be used to search articles, documents, products, solutions, chatter feeds, topics, peoples, descriptions, notes, event comments. Wildcards , filters and operators can also be used in global search.

global salesforce search

Feed search :- In this Salesforce search type, Contextual feed search is the fourth type of salesforce search. This salesforce feed search is mainly used to search for post feeds and comments.

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