Defining Custom Buttons, links, Actions in

Defining Custom Buttons, links, Actions in

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about How to grant login access to administrator in In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Defining Custom Buttons, links, actions in for Standard object Accounts.

Defining custom buttons, links, actions in is nothing but inserting custom UR, custom action and custom button to make some user defined functions when a user click on those custom links and buttons in

We can define custom buttons, actions and link for both objects.

  • Standard objects.
  • Custom Objects.

Defining Custom Buttons, links, Actions for Standard objects.

To define custom links for standard objects go to Setup=>Customize=>Accounts=>Buttons,links, and Actions.

overide properties for accounts

Go to Buttons, links and Actions section and select Edit to override accounts function. To create new action select new action or new button or link as shown below.

overide properties for accounts0

Select Edit button to override.

overide properties for accounts1

To override we have select any visualforce page.Select Visualforce page in Override with section and Save the section.

Now go to Accounts tab.

overide properties for accounts2

Click on Accounts Tab.

overide properties for accounts3

Account tab will be redirected to visualforce page with specific URL as shown above.

Defining Custom Buttons, links, Actions for Custom objects.

Go to Build=>Create=>Objects.

overide properties for accounts6

Go to buttons, links and actions section and select new button or link button.

overide properties for accounts4

Enter all the details shown below.

overide properties for accounts5Finally select SAVE button.