Creating Web to Case Forms in Salesforce

Web to Case Forms in Salesforce : In our previous Salesforce Tutorials we have learned about Salesforce Sandboxes. In this Salesforce Training Tutorials we are going to learn about Salesforce Web to case forms, How to create web to case forms, what is a web to case form.

What is a Web to Case Form?

Web to case forms are used to gather customers requests directly from company or organization website. Web to Case forms are similar to Web to lead Forms. By using web to case forms we can generate 50, 000 cases per day automatically.

  • When Web to Case form is submitted runs field validation rules before creating any record.
  • Rich text Area fields are not used in Web to Case forms because Rich Text Area fields are not supported by for web to case forms.

Creating Salesforce Web to Case Forms. Now we are going to create web to case forms in Follow steps shown below.

Go to Setup=>Customize=>Self-Service=>Web-to-Case. web to case   Now a window will be opened. web to case0 From above Screenshot we are having different steps to capture cases from our website. Click on Generate the Html link as shown above. web to case 1 Select the fields from Available fields to Selected fields section. Fields in the selected fields sections are displayed in the Web to Case form.

  • Select Visible in Self-Service portal check box.
  • Enter the URL to which the user wants to redirect after submitting Web to Case Form.
  • Select language to default.
  • Click on Generate button.

web to case2

  • Copy an paste the code in notepad and save it with .html extension.
  • Click on Finished.

Now go to the code and open with any browser.

web to case3

  • Enter Contact name.
  • Email address.
  • phone number.
  • Subject and description.
  • Finally select Submit button.

Now go to Cases Tab.

web to case30

In recent cases section we will observe the case with case number and subject.

web to case31

Open the Case as shown above.

web to case4Observe all the details. These are the details where we have given in Web to lead form.

web to case5Automatically an email will be sent to the customer with all case details as shown above.