Creating Custom Interacting logs

Creating Custom Interacting logs

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about How to enable development mode in In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about Creating custom interacting logs in on primary tabs.

What are interacting Logs in ?

Interacting log layouts are used to add notes and description to records on primary tabs. Ex :- contacts, Accounts.

  • Interacting log layouts are available for accounts, contacts, cases, opportunities and so on.
  • Interacting logs are not available for reports, dashboards, Visualforce pages, management tabs etc.

Creating Custom Interacting logs

To create custom interacting logs layout in salesforce go to setup.interacting layout

Now go to build=>Create=>Interacting log layouts.

interacting layout0

Click on Interacting log layouts as shown above.

interacting layout1

Select new button to create new interacting log layout.

interacting layout2

 Above screenshot is the page for creating custom interacting log layouts. To add notes to records enter all the details as shown below.

  • Enter the name.
  • Enter your description notes for records in Enter your notes here section.
  • Select priority as normal, medium, high.
  • Enter due date.
  • In subject we have five fields they are call, Email, Send Letter, Send Quote and Other. We can select any of the subject from the above five.
  • Select the fields that are to be displayed in log layout. Move fields from available to Selection using arrows.

Assigning Interacting log layouts.

To assign interacting log layouts select log layout assignment.

interacting layout3

Click on log layout assignment.

creating custom interacting log layout

Select the log layout to each profile and select Save.