Creating custom fields in Salesforce objects.

Custom fields in Salesforce Objects :- In we store data in the form of objects and we have two types of objects namely Standard objects and Custom objects. After creating custom objects in salesforce we have to create custom fields to store certain types of values in it’s fields. Like wise we have two types of fields in they are

  1. Custom fields.
  2. Standard fields.

Creating custom fields in Salesforce objects - Salesforce

Standard Fields :- Standard fields are those which are provided by Standard objects will have standard fields in them.

Custom Fields :- Custom fields are those created by user in an custom object. To create custom fields we have to create custom objects.

In salesforce we have different types of custom fields they are

Auto Number Checkbox Currency Date
Date/Time Formula Geo Location Hierarchical relationship
Indirect Lookup relationship Lookup relationship Master Detail Relationship Number
Percent Phone Picklist Picklist(Multi select)
Roll-Up summary Text Text(Encrypted) Text area
Text Area long Text Area Rich URl Email

Here in this Salesforce objects tutorial, we create different types of fields like creating custom pick list, creating field dependencies, creating formula fields in salesforce custom objects, What is meant by validation rules in salesforce, how to create validation rules in salesforce, Different relationships in, creating master-detail relationships, creating Roll-up Summary fields in and creating views in

Creating custom fields in Salesforce objects.

  1. How to create Picklist.
  2. Field Dependencies
  3. What is a Formula field.
  4. How to create Formula field.
  5. What is a Validation Rule.
  6. How to create a validation rule.
  7. Relationships in salesforce.
  8. How to create Master-Detail relationship.
  9. How to create Roll-Up Summary fields.
  10. How to create new view in salesforce.