Cloud Service Providers | Provide Cloud Storage Service

Cloud Service Providers : In our previous CRM Software Training Tutorial we have learned about cloud Services. In this CRM Software Training we are going to learn about Cloud Service providers, different cloud service providers list, top cloud service providers list.

The cloud ecosystem consists of five major roles in providing cloud Services. Cloud ecosystem is the term used in cloud computing which describes about multiple complex cloud systems like service providers, independent service providers, software manufacturers, enablers and business.

Cloud Service Providers | Provide Cloud Storage Service

Top cloud service providers list.

1. Amazon web Services.

  • Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2).
  • Simple DB.
  • Simple Storage Service (S3).
  • CloudFront.
  • Simple Queue Service (SQS).
  • Elastic MapReduce.

2. Google.

  • Google Apps.
  • Google App Engine.

3. and


5. 3Tera.

6. Microsoft.

  • SQL Azure.
  • AppFabric.
  • Windows Azure.

Cloud Service providers Ecosystem

Cloud Service providers ecosystem consists of 5 major components they are .

  • Service Providers.
  • Software Vendors.
  • Independent Software Vendors.
  • Enablers.
  • Business.

Cloud Service Providers : Cloud Service Providers are those who provide cloud services to the business and customers or consumers. Cloud Service providers will huge data base, Data centers, infrastructure, software’s, platform and hardware systems.

Software Vendors : Software which is designed for on-premises is very different from the software which are designed for cloud services. Cloud Service software architecture is different when compared with on-premise software. Cloud Service providers are overlapping both Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Software this makes them to run both services in their own data centers.

Ex :- Microsoft Windows Azure and Google Apps.

Independent Software Vendors :- ¬†Independent software vendors are those who build Cloud Service software and offer them to the public. Cloud provide best platform for Independent Software Vendors to build vertical solutions independently.For example ISV’s develop some medical application and can offer this application to doctors and Hospitals for providing vertical solutions to them.

Enablers : Enablers are those who integrates all multiple software’s which are purchased from multiple cloud software vendors. Enablers provides consulting services for the purchased software.

Ex :- Microsoft Consulting Services, IBM Global Services.

Business : In today’s market every company has their competitor in market. In order to sustain in market company must maintain up to data software’s, infrastructure to take advantage in the market. If the Cloud Service provided by cloud service providers are supportive and the business people do not hesitate to implement cloud services.