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Google Integration with – Adwords, google Docs, Gmail

Google Integration with – Adwords, google Docs, Gmail button.

Google Integration with is done to use number of google services in with out leaving Google and have close relationship. These two provide number of complimentary products and the fact that both dominate the cloud space.

In, Google Adwords, Google Docs to, Google Docs Tab, Gmail to, Gmail Buttons and link, Google Talk Sidebar Components can be added by administrator simply by activating these features in Google Integration with service and features are designed for business users.

How to add Google Docs to

Google Integration with Salesforce(Google Docs) :- Google Docs to allows users to collaborate and share Google documents to any users in our organization. Using Google Documents we can create spreadsheets, on-demand documents and different presentation. To activate Google Docs to Salesforce service follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Setup=>Administer=>Google Apps=>Google App Settings.
  • Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.05.21 AM Click on Google Apps Settings. Now a new screen will display to configure google Apps Domain. Create new google apps domain if you don’t have.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.05.28 AM

  • Click in Edit button.

Google Integration with Salesforce.comUse Google Docs & Attachments as a related list on any record to create, edit, or view Google docs and easily associate them to a record. use the “Add Google Doc to” browser button to associate Google docs with records even when not currently working in the

Google Docs Integration with

Google Integration with Salesforce (Google Docs Tab) :- Google Docs Tab allows salesforce users to access all Google documents simply from Docs home page with out leaving the User Interface. Using Google Docs Tab in Salesforce, we can also access Spreadsheets and presentations.

How to add Gmail to

Google Integration with Salesforce (Gmail):- Adding Gmail to allows Salesforce users to send emails from Gmail User interface to records in Before adding Gmail buttons and links in we have to setup from configuration which generated new email address to our account. Then we have to add this email address to the BCC field of our outgoing Gmail message and it will be routes to We can also chat with out user using Gmail in Salesforce.

We can add Gmail Buttons and Links in When we click on these two buttons a new pop up window will be opened which automatically logs into your Gmail account and populates the To field with the correct email address.

To Add Gmail to button follow the steps given below.

  • Go to Setup=>Email Administration=>Email to Salesforce.

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 8.20.24 AM

  • Click on Email to Salesforce link. Now a new window will be displayed where we have to activate Email to Salesforce.

Gmail to

  • Click on Save Button. Now go to Setup=>Administer=>Google Apps=>Google App Settings.

Gmail to salesforce1

  • Click on Google Apps Settings link and now we have to activate Google Apps Services as shown below

gmail to Salesforce

After activating Google Apps Services Save all the settings.

How to connect Google Adwords with Salesforce?

Google Integration with Salesforce (Google Adwords):- Google Adwords are mainly used in Marketing where Google AdWords allows to track the effectiveness of our online advertisement investments. When a user click on Google AdWord online advertisement the user will be redirected to our website that hosts a Web-to-Lead form. When a visitor enters information into the Web-to-Lead form, a lead is created in our organisation.

Leads that originate from Google AdWords have a Lead Source value of “Google AdWords” and an activity record that shows the Google AdWords campaign, ad group, ad headline, and keyword that drove the lead to your website. You can then track the effectiveness of your advertising with a Google AdWords dashboard and several Google AdWords reports are pre-built in There are also a large number of Google-related apps on the AppExchange for additional functionality such as synching contacts and calendars, integrating with Google Maps and using Chatter with Google Alerts.

Adding Facebook Account to

Adding Facebook Account to

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about the process of Facebook integration with and also we learned about how to downlaod and install social media in to usign app exchange.In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we learn about Adding Facebook Account to

Adding Facebook Account to

Open Salesforce for Social media application .

  • Now go to Social Setup Tab.

Social Setup Tab contains facebook and Twitter social media accounts. Through Social setup only we can add new facebook account to account.

  • Select Facebook link as shown below.
  • Now select New link for Adding Facebook Account to

Adding Facebook Account to

When we click on new new we are redirect to new page where we have enter name and click on save button.

Adding Facebook Account to

Now click on the name that you created from above step.

Adding Facebook Account to

Now we have to grant facebook access with Click on Grant facebook Access to add facebook to

Salesforce for facebook9

A new page will be opened to accept the redirection. And finally accept all settings of facebook to integrate with

Facebook integration with salesforce – App Exchange

Facebook integration with salesforce

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about different topics on In this Salesforce training tutorial we are going to learn about Facebook integration with salesforce using app exchange.

Facebook integration with salesforce

Facebook integration with salesforce are mainly done to get all notifications, conversations and updates of facebook directly to account with out opening facebook account. Integration of facebook with salesforce can be done using app exchange.There are several free apps available for us to use in let me explain how Facebook integration with salesforce can be done step by step.

Facebook integration with salesforce steps.

  • Sign in to your accoutn using username and password.
  • Now go to application menu which is at top on right side about tab menu.
  • Select app exchange from drop down.
  • Now we are redirected to Url as shown below.

Facebook integration with salesforce - App Exchange

Now go to search bar on the app exchange and search for Salesforce for Facebook app as shown below.

Facebook integration with salesforce - App Exchange

Now list of all application in app exchange that can be used for facebook integration are displayed. Select Salesforce for Twitter and Facebook and  click on it.

Now we have to download and install Salesforce for  twitter and facebook application in to our account so click on Get it Now button to download.

Facebook integration with salesforce - App Exchange

A confirmation page will be opened to confirm the installation. Click on confirm and install button as shown below.

Salesforce for facebook2

we have to select users, admin or profiles to which this installation is to be done. Here we selected facebook to install for all users in our organization. Select the users and click on Install button.

Salesforce for facebook3

Facebook integration with salesforce will take some time. When installation complete we can get email.

Salesforce for facebook4

Now we observe that salesforce for social media application is successfully installed in our account.