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Salesforce Chatter Profile Based Rollout to Boost collaboration

Salesforce Chatter Profile Based Rollout to Boost collaboration : In our previous Salesforce Tutorials we have learned about different Salesforce Administration topics. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about salesforce Chatter profile based roll out.

What is Salesforce chatter profile-based Rollout?

In Salesforce, profile based roll out are used to create and enable chatting features for specific users in an organization. This feature help salesforce chatter is available for some users only

We have to enable salesforce chatter profile based rollout  in our organization then we can turn chatter to that users. Users who have access to the profile based rollout can also have access to accounts, leads, opportunities etc.

Steps for enabling Profile based rollout in salesforce chatter.

  • To enable this feature salesforce administrator has to create a case with support.
  • After some time support enable this feature in our organization.
  • Now our organization has to set which users should have access to this salesforce chatter rollout.
  • System administrator modifies user permissions.
  • Now finally system administer can Turn-on chatter for the users.

Salesforce Chatter Profile Based Rollout to Boost collaboration

Salesforce Chatter Publisher – Adding Thanks Button in Chatter

Salesforce Chatter Publisher

In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Salesforce User Licenses and it’s features. In this Salesforce Administration Tutorial we are going to learn about how to add thanks button in Salesforce chatter publisher.

Here we are trying to change the position of the Thanks button in Salesforce Chatter publisher . Generally thanks button helps us to convey our Thanks message to specific profile, users in an organization. We can make Thanks button hide or Show to specific profiles and users in an organization.

How to Add Thanks button in Salesforce Chatter Publisher.

To add thanks button in Salesforce Chatter publisher we have follow the steps given below

  • First enable Publisher actions in Salesforce.
  • Create Global actions in publisher layouts.
  • Now rearrange thanks button to the required position in Salesforce chatter publisher.

How to enable publisher actions.

  • Go to Setup=>Customize=>Chatter=>Settings.

Adding Thanks Button in salesforce Chatter

Click on Settings as shown above. Then we are taken to new page where we have to enable publisher actions in Salesforce.

  • Now to publisher actions in the settings and make sure to check Enable Publisher actions check box as shown below.

Salesforce Chatter Publisher - Adding Thanks Button in Chatter

After enabling click on Save button.

  • Now go Setup.

Adding Thanks Button in salesforce Chatter

  • Now go to Build=>Create=>Global Actions=>Publisher Layouts.

Salesforce Chatter  - Adding Thanks Button in Chatter

Select publisher layout to move the position of the Salesforce Chatter Publisher thanks button.

Salesforce Chatter  - Adding Thanks Button in Chatter

  • Click on Edit button.

Salesforce Chatter Publisher - Adding Thanks Button in Chatter

Now go to Global Publisher section and click on Thanks button then drag to the desired position as shown above. In this Example Salesforce Chatter publisher thanks buttons is originally placed in 7th position and we moved that button to 1st position as shown below.

Salesforce Chatter Publisher - Adding Thanks Button in Chatter

Now go Chatter Tab.

Salesforce Chatter Publisher - Adding Thanks Button in Chatter

We have successfully added Salesforce Chatter publisher thanks button.

Salesforce File Storage through Chatter

Salesforce File Storage: In our Previous Salesforce Training Tutorial we have learned about How to enable Feed Tracking and how to create new group in Salesforce chatter. In this Salesforce tutorial we are going to learn about Salesforce file storage through Chatter files like how to upload a file, How to delete a file, How to follow a file, Version control of a file, Sharing files with people, Sharing files with group, sharing files with a link.

Salesforce File Storage through Chatter

How to upload a file through Chatter Files ?

In we can upload files to cloud in different ways. Uploading files through Chatter files is one of the method to store data in

Now go to Chatter Tab.


We can upload files from our local machine by using Files tab as shown below.

salesforce file storage through chatter

Select Files Button to upload new files to the cloud. Files which are uploaded to the cloud can be shared, can be deleted and can be modified.

salesforce file storage through chatter1

Select Upload Files button to upload files to the cloud. Then browse for the file in the local system and select Upload button then the file file will be uploaded and uploaded file will be shown as below.

salesforce file storage through chatter2

How to Delete a File ?

To delete a file go to Chatter Tab=>Files.

Now open the file that to be deleted in detailed view and window will be opened in right side with options as shown below.

salesforce file storage through chatter5

Select Delete button.

How to follow a file ?

If we follow a file we can get updates in our chatter feeds on the home page and chatter page. To follow a file go to Files in Chatter Tab.

salesforce file storage through chatter6

Select (+) to follow as shown above.

Version Control For Chatter Files provides the best features which is version control for chatter files. With version control we can easily identify the latest version of the files uploaded  or updated recently in files.

Now go to Files and open a file.

salesforce file storage through chatter7

salesforce file storage through chatter0

When we select Upload new version we can upload new version of a file.

Sharing Files

salesforce file storage through chatter3

Sharing Files can be done with people, with groups and via link.

Sharing Files with People.

salesforce file storage through chatter8

Salesforce File Storage

Share files with Group

salesforce file storage through chatter9

Salesforce File Storage

 Share Files Via Link

salesforce file storage through chatter10

Copy the link and paste in an email or any web page.

When sharing a files with users and a group we can set two types of  permissions they are

  • Viewer : Viewers can view, download and share the file.
  • Collaborator: Collaborators can view, edit, download, share , can change permissions, can upload new version.

Additional Salesforce Chatter Features

Salesforce Chatter Features : In our Previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Some Salesforce Chatter features. In this Salesforce Training Tutorial we are going to learn about some additional features of Salesforce chatter like Updating Status, Posting Comments, Adding Link, adding Chatter Polls, adding topics to chatter status updates, How to make a topic favorite and how to Bookmark a post.

Salesforce Chatter Features.

How to Update your Status in Salesforce Chatter ?

Updating status in Salesforce means we are updating information that what we are doing ? What are we thinking about. By updating status we can share our information to our colleagues and friends.

Now Go to Chatter.

updating status

Now click on Post Button as shown below and enter the message to be updated.

updating status1

Click Share.

How to post a Comments ?

To post a comment we use different tags example:- @prasanth, @salesforcetraining.

Salesforce chatter commenting

Salesforce Chatter Features.

Press Comment button after entering Comment. We can also add files in comments.

How to add a Link in Salesforce Chatter ?

If we want to add some website URL in salesforce chatter Go to Chatter Tab and click Link button.

adding link

Select link as shown above and Enter Link URL and Link Name as shown below.

adding link in Salesforce chatterEnter message and finally select Share Button.

How to Share Chatter Polls in Salesforce ?

In we can share Chatter polls to our friends and colleagues or a group of member’s. Through Chatter polls we can gather opinion polls efficiently and quickly.

Salesforce Chatter Polls

Select Poll button.

Now Enter question and enter choices as shown above and finally click on Share button.

How to add topics to Chatter status updates?Adding topic to chatter polls

We have already learned how to update status. Now we are going to learn how to add topic to that chatter status. We use “#” tag. In Chatter we can add topics to our own post and also for other posts in the feeds.

add topic

Select Add topic button and enter description as shown above.

Finally Select Done.

How to Bookmark a post ?
In an Organization every user’s chats frequently with so many people. If we want to find old post or conversation it is very difficult to find among thousands of old post. So we have to bookmark the post.


Select Pick list button and select Bookmark as shown above. We can add any number of posts in Bookmarks as there is no limit.

Salesforce Chatter features | Chatter settings

Salesforce Chatter features : In our previous Salesforce Tutorial we have learned about Salesforce Chatter objects and in this Salesforce Training tutorials we are going to learn about How to turn on Chatter, How to configure Chatter Tabs, Different types of Chatter licences, How to enable chatter invites, How to add Chatter User’s, How to update chatter profile and what are the different additional Salesforce chatter features.

Salesforce Chatter features 

How to turn on Chatter in

We have to activate Chatter in first before configuring different settings in Salesforce chatter.

Go to Setup=>Customize=>Chatter.

chatter enable

Check Enable Check box as shown above and Save it.

How to configure Chatter Tabs ?

After enabling Chatter in Salesforce we have to make Salesforce Chatter application is visible to every one in an organization. To make visible we have to customize Chatter TAB settings.

Go to Setup=>App Setup.


Select(+) and click on Customize my Tabs.


Now Select Application from Available Tabs to Selected Tabs with Up and Down Arrows.


After Selecting Chatter Tab to selected Tabs list and select Save button.

What are the different types of Chatter Licences ?

In Chatter licences are of 3 types they are.

  • Chatter External Licence type.
  • Chatter Free Licence type.
  • Chatter plus Licence type.

How to enable Salesforce Chatter invites ?

To enable Chatter invites go to Setup=>Customize=>Chatter=>Settings.

chatter building

Now Click on Edit Button.

chatter building1

Now Check Allow Coworker Invitations.

chatter building2

Enter Email addresses to invites as shown above and Select Save Button.

How to Add Different Chatter Users ?

Now go to People tab as shown below.

adding chatter users

Now Select Invite People to Chatter button to invite user’s.

adding chatter users1

Now enter E-mail address and message as shown below.

adding chatter users

Salesforce Chatter features

Select Save button.

How to Update Chatter Profile ?

Already we have stated that Salesforce Chatter is a Social Network with the combination of both Facebook and twitter. Through Salesforce Chatter we can connect with our colleagues, partner, domain experts and so on. So we have to maintain our Salesforce Chatter profile with all required information.

To update Chatter Profile go to Your name=>My Profile.

chatter building3

Now Select Complete About Me.

chatter building4

Now add Photo to your Profile and  add contact details.

Salesforce Chatter Objects |Salesforce Chatter Data model

Salesforce Chatter Objects :In our previous Salesforce Training tutorial we have learned about What is Salesforce Chatter. In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about Salesforce Chatter data model.

What is Salesforce Chatter Data Model ?

Salesforce Chatter Data model in mainly depends on Salesforce Chatter feed Items objects. These feed items represents a Chatter Post.

 Chatter model is of three types they are

  • Chatter Data Model – User.
  • Chatter Data Model – Feed.
  • Chatter Data Model – Group.

Salesforce Chatter Data Model – User

In this Salesforce Data Model we are assuming that Sales manager wants to know what their Sales representatives are doing in their organization.

Salesforce Chatter Data Model - User

Chatter objects

In an Organization Sales representative is a person who woks on many opportunities and the customers or user(Sales manager) follows Sales representative on Salesforce Chatter. When Sales manager follows Sales representative on Chatter he can get all updates of sales representative. From above data model User is Sales manager and User Object is Sales representative. Entity Subscription object supports many-to-many relationship between sales manger and Sales representative.

Salesforce Chatter Data model – Feed

 Salesforce Chatter Data model - Feed

Salesforce Chatter objects

 Following are the Chatter Feed objects in salesforce they are

  • Feed post : It signifies the changes in contact feed, text posts, link posts and content post.
  • Feed Comment : Comments can be made here.

Salesforce Chatter Feed Items

  1. UserProfileFeed : UserProfilefeed tracks all action of the user 0n records.
  2. News Feed : Entire organization news can be available on News Feed.
  3. Entity Feed : Here user can subscribe to another another user.
  4. CollaborationGroupFeed : Group activities can be made here.

Chatter Data Model – Group.

As mentioned earlier we can create two types of chatter groups they are Public group and Private. In public group any one can join and create new public group in Salesforce Chatter. When coming to Salesforce Chatter Data model.

Chatter Data Model - Group.

This is similar to Chatter Model – User. As previously states User(Manger) follows sales representative he must follow sales representative. Here sales representative must sent request to sales manger and manager approves him.

What is Salesforce Chatter, Benefits of Salesforce Chatter

What is Salesforce Chatter

In our previous Salesforce training tutorial we have learned about how to install Salesforce for  Outlook software in our local machine.In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn What is Salesforce Chatter, What are the Salesforce Chatter features, about Salesforce chatter community and many topics will be covered in our next Salesforce Tutorial.

Candidates who are learning must able to learn clearly about Salesforce Chatters and it’s features.

What is Salesforce Chatter?

In Salesforce Chatter is a social platform that integrates Salesforce infrastructure and development platform. Salesforce Chatter is the combination of Facebook and Twitter. It is used to communicate in organization with customers. By using Chatter in organization, user’s in organization can be able to  get real time information about the work status. It is a powerful tool which helps organization to empower organization with tools to communicate easily and effectively with right information at right time.

What is Salesforce Chatter

What is Salesforce Chatter, Benefits of Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter can also be accessed from mobile devices with an application called Salesforce Chatter mobile. Salesforce Chatter mobile is the world’s first application that used to stay up to date with records, files conversations, dashboards and so on in Salesforce.

What is salesforce Chatter Community ?

Like salesforce chatter, salesforce community is another type and part of Where salesforce chatter is meant for chatting in an organization and Chatter community is like a portal designed for employees, customer and partners for rich collaboration in salesforce community.

Salesforce Chatter benefits ?

  • Salesforce Chatter can increase employee productivity by 33%.
  • Salesforce Chatter can increase sales productivity by 32%.
  • Real time information can be delivered to user’s E-mail.
  • We can share information, create groups, comment, like, tag and so on using Salesforce chatter.
  • It increases manager visibility.
  • Salesforce Chatter improves responsiveness.
  • It provides customer’s satisfaction.
  • It improves Return of Investments(ROI)

How to open Salesforce chatter.

To access Salesforce Chatter we have to open. Click on Chatter Tab as shown below.

what is salesforce chatter

what is salesforce chatter