Apex – Salesforce Apex, Apex Developer Guide – Apex Basics

Apex – Salesforce Apex basics

In this Salesforce developer Tutorial we are going to learn about Basics on Salesforce Apex, what is Apex, Introduction to apex, Important features in Apex language. In Salesforce development, business logic is a part in which we develop using Apex. So we have to get full detailed knowledge on Apex language and their features.

What is Apex ?

Apex is a type of programming language which is designed for force.com platform and tightly integrated with force.com database.

  • Apex language is not like object oriented Programming language but it provides some features of  object oriented languages like C and Java. This Apex language is mainly used for user interface executions.
  • This is not used for single purpose like C and Java it is used for  multiple purposes like business and customer applications.

apex language

Multi-tenant Environment Architecture

It has multi-tenant architecture environment, where every resources and infrastructure provided by salesforce.com are shared to every developer in the cloud. So every resource that executed by apex programming are effectively controlled for high quality of service to all developers in the development environment.

Governor limits:-

We should talk about governor limits in Apex because the performance of the application and usage of the shared resources will be calculated. We should consider governor limits in development when writing code to any application. Here governor limits are used in the following.

  1. Database operations.
  2. Memory and bandwidth operations.

Note :- We should note that governor limits in Apex are different and based on the license we use.

Features of Apex language.

  • Multi-purpose programming language.
  • It exists in multi-tenant environment.
  • This language performance is controlled by governor limits.
  • This language has integrated testing feature like code coverage. Code coverage is monitored.
  • We can upgrade automatically.
  • It has no Offline runtime environment.
  • Apex language integrates only with force.com database.

Above all the features and introduction to Apex language. For developing any apex code we have two ways. They are

  1. Web based App Builder.
  2. Force.com IDE.

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