Apex Database integration through Apex Code

Apex Database integration through Apex Code.

Form last Salesforce Developer Tutorial we have learned about Apex language operators list. In this Salesforce Apex Tutorial we are going to learn about How Apex language is integrated with database, In how many ways database can be integrated in apex code.

We have to understand how force.com database is integrated with Apex coding language.The answer is we can integrate force.com database with Apex in five ways. Apex language and it’s run time environment is very tightly integrated with force.com database.

Apex Database integration through Apex Code.

Here are the five ways through which force.com database can be integrated with Apex. They are

  1. Through Database objects.
  2. Database Queries.
  3. Through DML.
  4. Database triggers.
  5. Database Security.
  • Through Database Objects :- We can represent Database objects like standard objects, custom objects and directly used as classes in Apex language.
  • Database Queries :- Database queries like SOQL .
  • Database Records :- Using DML statements create, update, ad deletion of records can be made in Apex.
  • Database Triggers:Database Triggers are the another type that executes trigger code to enhance the behavior of the database actions. Database triggers executes different actions on database objects like insert, delete of an object.
  • Database Security :-We can grant different record level sharing using security in salesforce.com


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